First Test Session – Completed!!

Well we made it through the first race weekend and wow what a weekend I loved every minute.

Testing Friday afternoon was nerve racking, having never raced or even driven the car before it was a big test for me and the car (and my Dad!) We met up at Brands at lunchtime, unloaded the car put the race wheels and tyres on as well as the Timing Transponder into its bracket behind the wheels. 10 litres of fuel and a quick check over and then into the clobber for the first time.

For testing we were in the outer paddock so a drive up to those Trophy guys in the Garages, introductions all round and then the noise test. Passed easily with the OEM exhaust, then waited until 3:15pm for the off.

So green lights and go, the car seemed to pull OK, and the brakes warmed up nicely, careful not to speed in the pits then observe the blend line, then off. First lap taking it a little steady to warm the tyres, the rad tyres don’t take long to warm up but two laps I’d promised to do then away we went. All over the place, rapidly remembering the lines my ARDS instructor told, me then notice I have no gloves on – they are in the trailer still DOH!

So putting in lap after lap watching others all the time and getting out the way as soon as I can I start to find a rhythm. Then flying round Paddock I go sideways and off on to the grass (heart in mouth moment) but dipped the clutch straightened up and joined the track once more. A few more laps with a little more trepidation and its session complete – the fastest 30 minutes I have ever known.

Second session and I don’t spin and enjoy getting in the laps, learning the car and starting to slide through the bends on the road tyres. Then five minutes before the end (with gloves now on I add), the car feels a little gutless so I pull into the pits for a review.

In the garage (24) now its been vacated and knowing that I have it for the weekend, Dad and I investigate there is coolant all over the bulk head and in the passenger side of the car – we think is a perished hose to the expansion tank so trim it down. No sign of why I thought it was down on power – well see how it goes at the weekend.


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