Rear Beam Bushes

Two evenings have been used up changing the rear beam bushes from the OEM ones to PowerFlex Black ones in line with 2017 regs. This is not technically a hard job but always seems to bring out the colourful language.

With the bolts that pass through the bushes removed and the rear beam hanging, a bit of heat from a blow torch allows a gentle tap with a copper mallet to remove the original bushes out the way.


Once these are out the new bushes can be tapped in from the inside with a bit of grease and the steel tubes tapped through as well.


The pain in the job is lifting up the rear beam on ones own to line up the bolt holes once more. I found the best way was to undo the three bolts that hold the mount onto the floor of the car, fit the beam to the mount as the freedom of the mount being off the car allows easy hole alignment. Finally, just lift the beam up and put the bolts back in to secure the mount to the floor plan.