Silverstone 2018 (MG Live)

So as expected although I decided to take a season break, watching the guys on Motorsport TV and Facebook the temptation was too much to stretch the cars legs. Kindly Bruce Woods the incumbent coordinator agreed to let me guest at in the Trophy races at Silverstone.

The car has not been run since I put it together after the failure at Oulton Park so it was overdue a try out. Arriving at the circuit late Friday night it was too late to do much but thankfully for once the Trophy wasn’t the first in scrutineering at 8am for once so I had some time on Saturday morning after signing in to prep the car.

Qualifying was deliberately steady, not been on track since last September and the car had done about a mile post the head rebuild so I wanted to make sure all was well. After a few laps I eased it up remembering that being a Guest I didn’t want to ruin any of the guys hot laps.

Qualifying plumb last for the first time in a while but pleased the car held together OK. Race 1 and I got off the line well and an immediate spin between Ray Ferguson and Clifford Bacon put me past the pair of them and then it was off after the pack. The car ran well and I could feel the pace was way better than Quali (Proving to being 4 secs a lap faster). Around 5 laps in a spin in the Loop between David Heasman and Joseph Dalgarno allowed me past David and for a few laps I held myself ahead but almost in the same spot as my spin he took me as Paul Bryson always used to in years gone by. (I hate that part of the track!) Coming in second from last the race was great fun and apart from a stiff gearbox selector which needed a new mount (Thanks Alex at 4G Racing) it was minimal prep for Sunday.

Sunday’s race again an OK start and the entire race I spent chasing Ray Ferguson and Clifford Bacon and although they ended up edging away (both in 170’s) I did well and at times through Copse was catching them until 2 laps before the end I lost the steering suddenly and what felt like a puncture occurred. A trip off into the Gravel out of the way I became one of the nine retirees. It turns out the dreaded bottom pulley has loosened again!! at least this time I caught it before any real damage occurred and apart from a black and white flag for track limits thoroughly enjoyed myself.

A great weekend and great to see everyone.

Silverstone 2018