Ongoing Build

So its been a busy few weeks, Paul has completed the roll cage mounts and I have started to put the car back together. It took a lot of skill for Paul to fabricate 5mm thick steel and weld it to 1mm body!


I have put in the bonnet pins



Welding & Gearbox

The gearbox has been removed and sent to Dan Surridge of CMC Motorsport for checking and sealing, the only 25/200/ZR box I have ever had to heat bolts up to remove. Dan’s given it a clean bill of health so new racing clutch ordered and the car can start going back together.


While this is been going on Paul my fabricator has been manufacturing the rear stay mounts and plates for the roll cage feet. Using 5mm steel to be sure which is thick to cut but strong. The seat sub frame needs to go in, so I have removed the OEM seat supports ready.