Seat and Boot Pins

Had a couple of hours last night,. so the Cobra stickers went on the seat mounts and I fitted the seat in place, thankfully its all lines up with the seat mounts we welded in. I took the bonnet pins that held my MG Metro Turbo bonnet in place for many years ( I have a new bonnet to go on that car anyway) and fitted them to the boot lid.

Image Image

Fire Extinguisher – Fit

Now I was a bit apprehensive about this, not something I have done before – a minimum 4L Mechanical or Electrical plumbed in Fire Extinguisher is required. I purchased a Mechanical Sparco 4.25 Litre Plumbed in kit from Demon Tweeks. In fact the instructions were very good, the kit push fit with pliable tube was easy to put together – the thought was just how best to run it through the car. The instructions state the each foot well pointing to the drive/passenger abdomen and four corners on the engine bay. Once run through using existing grommet holes in the bulkhead and the red sleeve put on the tubing then it actually was a bit of time but not difficult.

I have ordered some P clips to neaten up the retention of the pipe and nozzles, but another job done.





Roll Cage Fitting

My goodness this has definitely been the most stressful part of the build – if anyone attempts to build one of these cars get a manufactured roll cage and their fitting kit and don’t try and be clever and use 5mm plate to bolt the feet to!

The roll cage is now in, using 5mm steel plate was always overkill but to be honest after needing £50 of Cobalt drills to drill the 16 holes required and around 8 hours of drilling time I would not recommend it. Going through a brake line to the o/s/r wheel didn’t lighten the mood much either.

So its in and big thanks to my Dad and brother Nick for their help and enormous thanks to my wife who put up with a grumpy man coming back from the workshop on more than one occasion!

The harness hooks are now in too, and the handbrake is re-fitted and adjusted up as per regs.