Roll Cage

Roll Cage

So the roll cage has turned up, big thanks to my Little Bro Tom for picking it up. So problem 1 is the fact that although I was told by the Seller that it was a Safety Devices cage they tell me it isn’t according to SD despite having the stickers!

So the ‘Go Racing Pack’ has arrived, the Blue Book is indeed useful and it seems the cage is legal so thats a start but looks like I will have to fabricate my own spreader plates for the cage.

First Drivers Briefing

Attended the MG Trophy Championship Drivers Meeting on Saturday (16th Nov) near Milton Keynes to see the creation of the new entry level road 160 series get voted through for next season amongst a myriad of other interesting things.

The other drivers and team members seem to be a great laugh and I look forward to racing with them at some point in the future.

The Brake Investigation

The Brakes – To start I noticed test driving the car that the brakes were not very good at all. First looks shows the front discs are knackered so they need to go.Image 

Surprisingly the rears look fairly new, this is interesting given the shocking feel to the brakes, but the lack of handbrake tells a tale so the callipers will need to come off and investigation of the sliders and callipers is required.