Class D Winner 2014

After a long Saturday at Snetterton I am convinced that I did enough to win the Class D Championship for the year, I know the second day of racing including the relay is going on so I am not going to be sure for a day or two but with the last points table in hand it looks like I have it by 2 points on Ian.

So being quietly confident but until I hear for certain from Pete Macwaters I ban the wife from mentioning it, gets to Tuesday and Peter confirms that I am correct – Class D Winner which is great as I didn’t win a race but in terms of its a marathon not a sprint I guess and all that effort nursing the car home at Silverstone, Donington and Race 2 in Oulton Park come to fruition.

Congratulations to Chris Bray as Class B winner and Class C winner Fergus Campbell.

Time to catch-up on some DIY and other cars that have all been left to fall apart as racing took over the past 6 months!

Snetterton Race Weekend

The last race weekend of the year looked like it was going to be my first experience of wet racing (at least since I took my ARDS) with the forecast promising rain for Saturday. We decided to take the caravan to the track this time to save on hotels etc and with the weather forecast being what it was at least Mrs M and the kids could get out of the draft pits if necessary.

The last novice briefing of the year was relatively painless and it was quite sunny on Saturday morning, Scrutineering I thought would now be academic but the scrutineers have queried my second hand roll cage so I now have to prove its all OK for next year, another headache!

Qualifying was my first time on track at Snetter’s and with the new engine fitted it was also a good shake down after the engine swap. The engine pulls really well much more like a 160 should and I am only a second off Paul Bryson’s lap time which is a much better result. Due to me keeping the car on the black stuff all season and finishing every race I have come into the weekend 6 points clear at the head of the class D runners so its mine to lose.

Race 1 is dry, a little moisture in the air but the track is dry and that’s the main thing. I start well and pass Paul at the start and set after Ian and Jonathan as we head down Bentley Straight Jonathan brakes in front of me and puts his hazards on just giving Paul time to box me in and pass. The rest of the race is pretty routine with just not able to get past Paul to then catch Ian but the relief of having the car even able to keep us is fantastic. Ian coms in first, Paul second, me third and Jonathan retires.

Then the heavens open all afternoon so we retire to the café then the caravan with levels and pressures checked ready to go for Race 2. Race 2 is on a very wet track and two green flag laps are used to sight the circuit in the wet conditions. The start finish straight has a lot of glare as it goes into the sun and there is an awful lot of spray but in my mind I now have that if I beat Paul then Cladd D is mine! Lights out and the cars are sliding everywhere, I zoom off again passing Paul at the start and Ian leads Jonathan ahead. We continue line a stern through the whole race really just balancing the cars in the wet around the bends watching cars from other classes spin out everywhere. I keep an eye for the Paul in the mirror but he seems to be remaining behind and then Jonathan experiences another fault and pulls into the pits. I follow Ian and we finish in one piece Ian winning again, myself second and Paul third.

r 2014 100413 Tim at Snetterton

All the drivers that have survived the wet track are buzzing with adrenalin but its off to the drivers award and then clear up time. The only dampener on a damp day was pulling out of the pits with the caravan and taking the n/s/r of Dad’s Freelander out wrecking both his car and my caravan!!


We then drive the 1hr 20 home, most of it cursing around the caravan and Dad’s car now being damaged.

Snetterton Prep

Well the car was taken for its first run with a new engine for around a quarter of a mile on Wednesday night. Coolant seems to have settled and I have heat in the car which is always a key sign that things cant be too bad.

Piled up the stuff ready to go this afternoon, after the trek to Oulton park this is about the same distance as Brands for me so ‘local’.


Last two races of the season, so I hoping it finishes in one piece – just for one weekend this year.