Build TTR002 Begins…

Ok so its been a quiet month on the blog but that’s because I have spent a lot of time working on the new car. Although the car has been to Guildford and back for Preptech to fit the cage mounts, harness mounts and seam weld there was still loads to come off the car.

Before dragging the car to the workshop I had to get the rest of the sound deadening out, then once in the unit the dash and loom has been removed giving access to the last bit of sound deadening. The boot lid has been stripped and the front suspension and beams removed.


Now it was time to get the seat bars in and the excess bracketry removed for weight reduction. The seat bars cut out from the TTR001 shell made it fun to refit and despite wanting them half an inch forward because of the width and placement from the old car they’ve had to go back in the same place. A bit of etch primer on the exposed steel and then next week we paint the floor.


Out for Collection

So the final bits of TTR001 are now removed and I need to get the TTR002 shell off the drive and in the workshop so its time for it to be put out for scrapping. We tied the rear of the shell to the back of Dad’s Freelander and dragged it around the yard to a spot ready for collection by an acquaintance who specialises in weighing stuff in.

Final Parts Removal

Having had a week off, I thought maybe a good use of a morning was to finish getting the last few parts off the old car. This meant removal of the rear petrol tank, rear beam complete with suspension, hubs and handbrake cables ready to go straight on the rear end of the new car.

First though I needed to finish getting the exhaust out of the way so after unbolting the rear box section and then removing it all from its rubber mounts was slid out from under the car. Next the tank was coming out, easy bearing in mind its been out twice before!

Finally after unbolting the handbrake cable clips and removing from the handbrake mechanism its off with the rear beam. Three bolts each side hold the beam to the floor and then in the car remove the nuts holding the rear shocks in place and hey presto its on the deck.


Next its round the front to remove the last few required bits and take the front subframe off to allow me to keep the steering rack. The last piece of brake pipe is also removed.


So this just leaves me to remove the seat bars ready to welded into the new shell. The car is looking very bare with both doors removed and the rear quarter windows all out. The boot lid will lift off this week when a friendly pair of hands are around to help.