Season Break’ish

OK so firstly sorry for posting very little over the Winter break. The 2018 season I have decided was going to be one I am going to sit out on. This is for two reasons, last year I realised you cannot go in half hearted – doing an old house up and racing just didn’t mix. This led to rushed prep and mechanical failures. I also want to put effort into building a purpose built workshop in place at home to allow more time to spent on the race car and indeed the rest of the fleet!

I plan to do MG Live at Silverstone, the car is back together and ready to go and I have my licence. The Fire Extinguisher is serviced as required mid last season to it would be a shame not to get a run out at all.

Those that know me, know that I am not going to be able to do nothing at all so I decided I would tackle getting my MG Metro Turbo back on the road. This car I have owned since I was 18 and I bought it as a stolen recovered shell and built it up in my late teens to use for a couple of years. Its an original 1985 Turbo but I built it using a blend of Mk1 and Mk2 parts at the time with a slightly bespoke colour scheme. I liked it a lot, so I will not trying to get it back to factory, but back to my original spec. For interest and my own archive I am going to track the rebuild in  a page on here, if you are interested then enjoy. If you are just here for the racing then I’ll track my mates in the MG Trophy as the season unfolds and post that here too.

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