TTR002 Build

1st April – Water Pump, Thermostat O Rings and constant leaks

2016 032905 Spare engine in but dumping coolant

30th March – Inlet Manifold Gasket

2016 033001 Spare engine inlet manifold gasket change

29th March – Engine out, Engine Out, Engine In, Head Gasket

WP_20160329_007 WP_20160329_006 WP_20160329_004

2016 032901 Spare engine out of yellow car 2016 032903 damaged engine out of race car 2016 032904 Spare engine in and head off

19th and 20th of March

  • Fit the rear boot pins and finish the bonnet pins.
  • Change the master cylinder as it would not pump up the system.
  • Fit the roll cage
  • Fit the brake line clips and extinguisher clips
  • Put on the decals and championship stickers
  • Fit the harness
  • Fit a new centre exhaust pipe

2016 033002 Spare engine still leaking coolant WP_20160320_002

9th March – Radiator supporting bracket and engine rattle investigation


2nd and 3rd of March – Bonnet Pins


17th February – Engine check and Head Gasket

WP_20160217_002 WP_20160217_003

12th February – Bumper and boot trim paint



6th February – Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Battery, ECU

WP_20160206_002 WP_20160206_003 WP_20160206_001 WP_20160206_004

3rd February – Rear suspension and tank

WP_20160203_007 WP_20160203_008

2nd of February – Paint, wiring and dash

WP_20160202_001 WP_20160202_005 WP_20160202_003 WP_20160202_002

27th January – Final bracketry removal and seat bars installed


23rd January – Reaching the end of the strip down.







10th January – After getting it back from Preptech with its new roll cage mounts installed and seam welding complete – the rest of the sound deadening needed removing.


23rd December – Wiring Loom Removed from TTR001

Wiring Loom

16th December – Wings and bumper removed for seam welding


12th December 2015 – Engine and Gearbox out of new shell

WP_20151212_001 WP_20151212_002

27th November 2015 – Engine and G/box Removed from TTR001



14th November 2015 – Trim strip out and bath

WP_20151114_002 WP_20151114_003 WP_20151115_002 WP_20151114_005 WP_20151115_004 WP_20151114_004 WP_20151115_003



27th October 2015 – New Donor Found

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