Final Fettling

Well this weekend was a hectic one on the car, it needed to be finished by Sunday night ready for an engine service and final brake bleed tonight (Tuesday) – Testing is this Friday and I did not want any last minute rushing going on.

Decided to start from the front of the car and work my may back, working my way through the last minute bits.


  • Fitted the front bumper properly and refitted the O/S/F wheel arch lining that had graunch’d off putting it on the trailer last week. While the wheel was off, put the My Laps Timing Bracket on the inner wing, behind the damper.
  • Next tightened up all the fire extinguisher nozzles  in the engine bay, topped up the coolant and disconnected the Inertia switch by bypassing it using a connector.
  • Fitted the wipers and screen wash hose.
  • Loomed up the wiring put in from the ignition switch to the electric cut off switch in the dash, removed the airbag unit from the dashboard, cut out around the radio hole to allow the blanking plate to fit properly.
  • Tightened the in car fire extinguisher nozzles, fitted both fire extinguisher pull cables to the bottle.
  • Fitted the harness then adjusted the straps and refitted the harness (which my kids love for some reason!)
  • Then I fixed in the door bars on to the rest of the roll cage and tightened the lot up, a mad dash to the local hardware store for some washers along the way.
  • It was then time to put it up in the air and do the petrol tank strap, the clamp bolt had sheared and I had managed to get an OEM new one from eBay.


  • Remove the rear bumper, spray the parts I want green to match the front.
  • Remove the rear roof spoiler an paint the outer fin.
  • Work with good old dad to form two brackets to hold in the radio blanking plate and give it strength to allow the extinguisher pull cable to be pulled. Again painted black to look better.
  • A coat of wax all over and windows polished, Z n  F Tuning stickers put on the rear along with the interior scrutineer decals.

I then decide to warm the car and brakes up by going up and down the road and braking hard. This was fun, the car really shifts with no weight in it and sounds the part as the gravel hits the wheel arches and there is no sound deadening.

Time to park it up, put the cover on and after two long days we are done. Reverse the car on the drive then decide rather than use the key I use the cut off to kill the car. The car carries on running – my wiring must be wrong. Stop the engine with the key and then turn the cut off, nothing battery isolated as expected. No more time for investigation now so it will now have to wait.

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