Sliced Digits

After spending two hours getting all the front suspension in place and bolted up including the new power flex bushes on as per the latest rule change. This was fiddly but with it all hung in loosely first then tighten up we are in business. The next step now the engine and box are installed and suspension in place was to put in the front bonnet pins, last time I had them too near the headlights making it a pain for the bonnet stay. This time I decided to put them in either side of the radiator just outside the headlamp bezels.

After installing the pins I mark where the pin tops meet the bonnet with my trusty Tip-Ex pen and drill through with a 6mm cobalt drill. The plan is that’s the point I can use the bracket as a template and mark round to cut out with my air grinder. After dropping the bonnet for some reason I decide to brush away the swarf with my hand (stupidly without thinking) cutting three of my fingers wide open in the process – cutting short that evenings work.

Returning the following evening patched – up the vents cut out with an air grinder and some drills and are installed this time with no hitch. Its then I notice that for some reason this car only has the radiator holders for the smaller 1.4 radiator and not the one for the wider 1.8 radiator. This is unusual because most of the time I see the front beam has both spot welded on. Another challenge.


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