Too Many Cars….

This week I have managed to get the tank off the race car and the pump/sender unit out ready for the new fuel pump that I have mail ordered. This I may add; is much easier on a two poster ramp (where I have done it before on a Rover 200) than on your back using axle stands as even with the pump dropped to the floor after wrestling with rusty jubilee clips and you need some height to get the sender/pump unit out in one go.


I have also pressure tested my cooling system now I have fitted the new expansion tank just to be sure and it held its pressure and no visible leaks.#


I have also got the head back and fitted to the T car and hopefully will finish fitting it back up this weekend, but I am on strict orders to get the VANOS seals done on Mrs M’s BMW 330 Cabrio along with rocker cover gasket, O rings in headlight washers, new exterior temp sensor and at some point visit the scrap yard for a rear trailing arm for the TF I have for sale – Too many cars…..

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