Silverstone (MG Live 2017)

With the car all prepared for Brands Hatch but having to pull out, their was little to do for Silverstone but load up and go. The main event for the Car Club it was great that the whole family came along, including the mother in law and my God Son and his family.

Qualifying went OK, the circuit is long but I know it now. It’s definitely taken the longest to learn though. Qualified P9 in class which isn’t great but I enjoyed the car working well. Race 1 on the Saturday was good, pretty formational. I managed to keep up with the pack for a while but then a complete lack of concentration at Vale caused be to go right off. This let the pack get away and as much as I pushed I couldn’t get back up with them with Rob Griffiths on my tail.  Then while on a charge someone had dumped fluid at Copse and I span right off stalling the car, right in front of my family. The car started and I pulled back on but my race was run – I trailed home in P9.

Again, not much to do in terms of race prep, the interior mirror had come off again so this time my Bro and Dad super glued it in place. Race 2 saw a good start and some good pace, again keeping up with the pack. This time it was Joe Cruttenden ‘s turn to spin at Vale and the yellow’s were out. Cars pulling off left right and centre, Jack Roberts, Ali Rushforth and Tony Jones all retiring in front of me. The safety car was brought out for Jack and this let Myself, Rob and Joe catch up with the pack. After the restart some great racing ensued with myself and Joe and he just got me on the last corner before the chequered flag so finish P7.

Photo’s courtesy of Steve Roberts, Joe Cruttenden’s Facebook page and Roger Martin




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