Donington Weekend

Well I’ve been awful at keeping this site up to date this year so I better get it back up to date! I didn’t enjoy Donington, the pace for me was just not there. The car was OK but a n/s/f brake caliper sticking probably didn’t help but I just couldn’t find a rhythm.

Race 1 started with an OK start but Joe Cruttenden Managed to get past going up out of the Craner Curves into Old Hairpan but then Joe spun in front of me heading into Wheatcroft this caused me to have to slow to get safely past. Then I put some laps in slowly getting faster and faster then after around 10 laps I hit the sausage curbs hard at the Fogerty Esses and the interior mirror fell off and the car died causing me to pull over into the inside of Wheatcroft. As the Marshall’s walked towards the car I noticed the electrical cut off  switch had sprung down with the impact on the curb and I restarted the car, waited for it to be clear then pulled back on the circuit. By this time I was dead last and could just pump in the laps until the chequered flag.

The car other than refitting the mirror was OK for race 2 which was far less dramatic but again 2 seconds of my nearest rival and the pace was just not there. Cars seemed to be pulling off left, right and centre which allowed me to collect a few extra points but left a bit dis-heartened and deciding I must get some coaching this year.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Cruttenden

Tim and Joe

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