2017 Prep Begins

With Christmas out of the way its time to get the car back in the workshop and make a start on the preparation for the 2017 season. The only reg’s changes are the permitted fitment of Powerflex Black bushes to all suspension components and the fitment of four new cable towing eyes.

Outside of this, I want to swap the pedals out as I am not convinced the clutch pedal one is not bent from the accident in TTR001 at Snetterton in 2015. The first job is to get the drivers side roll cage section removed and the seat removed to get decent access to the pedals and find two bottom arms from the spares collection to fit the bushes to.

I cant do more than that as the ZA Magnette next to the car is off to the paint shop next week so the race car needs to be mobile to get out of the way for the ZA to leave.

Bushes are on order from Preptech UK, two new tyres are ready to be fitted. Apart from this I need to get four new wet tyres as the Toyo’s are now worn out and one final 16″ rim to give me a working o/s and n/s spare Dunlop Direzza to take to the tracks.

Photo’s show the car seat and cage side bars removed, old pedals in situ and new set waiting to go in.

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