Snet Prep

After the disaster at Knockhill it took my motivation away to be honest and with family holidays and a house move just completed I decided to withdraw from Oulton Park which was a shame – especially as we had decided not to attend the ASSERT bi-annual conference held the same weekend.

After a break, I decided the only thing I had not changed was the gearbox, so my spare was cleaned up and sent to Dan at CMC Motorsport for rebuilding, upgrading and of course sealing. While its away I decided to get install the 100 cell sports cat supplied by Chris at Finishline earlier in the year. This needed to be a good welding job, so Dad’s friends at Classic and Retro of ‘For the love of cars’ TV fame kindly created a jig and welded the cat in to one of my spare front pipes in place of the old one.

The gearbox sent back by Dan and installed with little drama along with yet another stage 2 clutch and she’s ready for Snett.

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