A few more jobs

OK so after a week there was still no sign of a leak so I popped the cam belt on and ran the engine up. Seems to be OK – drained out some water and refilled with coolant, one final bleed and it should be good to go.

With a few hours to spare I thought I would change the o/s/f damper. The rationale behind this is that the steering is a little heavy and I have swapped the whole damper, spring unit from the crashed TTR001 to TTR002 and the accident may have caused some damage to it. Before taking the one off the car I want to get a spare one ready, using a spare assembled unit I put the spring clamps on and remove the top mount then try and undo the pinch bolt that holds the damper in the hub -will it move? No, these are notoriously tight and my blow torch is at home so leverage is required. Wedging the damper under a Rover and with a bar on and a pole on that it comes out!


Now the damper is ready to go on I remove the old one from the car, spring clamps on and the top nut is off. Out collapse the top mount in bits – always nice to find something and it obviously got mullered in the accident. All back together with new top mount and damper and the steering feels much better.



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