Disappointment in Testing

So first of all apologies for not getting here for the past few weeks. The last two weeks before Donington were a manic rush as every trying to get the car finished ready for Donington. This involved getting the car home for a weekend to potter about with on the drive:

  • Fit the rear boot pins and finish the bonnet pins.
  • Change the master cylinder as it would not pump up the system.
  • Fit the roll cage
  • Fit the brake line clips and extinguisher clips
  • Put on the decals and championship stickers
  • Fit the harness
  • Fit a new centre exhaust pipe

The car was starting to look complete although a tapping tappet was annoying me.


Bank holiday Monday was time for my pre-season run on a private road near Dad’s house – with the car loaded up on the trailer I drove it up the lane and the tapping turned into a knock and then with confirmation from Ian Woods the knock was a big end problem probably caused by the engine dumping its oil during the accident.

What do we  do with 6 days until Donington – take a day off work of course for an engine swap!

8am in the morning and the plan for Dad and I was to get the donor 160 I have in the workshop, get the engine out of that and then remove the car from the workshop. Next take the engine out the race car, and put the donor engine back in. Finally, head gasket and timing belt change on the new engine and it would be good to go. Simple!

So by 12pm the donor engine was on the floor and the donor car parked back in its hole in the yard.

Next the the engine was back out the race car by 3pm when an hour long conference call had to take precedence.

2016 032904 Spare engine in and head off

By 10pm we were done and running – all ready to go home when we spot a pool of coolant under the engine and I think its coming from the inlet manifold gasket where I didn’t have a new one. Tomorrow eve is now required after a gasket acquired.

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