A non-stop leak causes failure

It’s the evening after the long day and we have a new inlet manifold gasket and install it, the leak continues – on further investigation it looks like where I change the thermostat housing the O rings have perished. That’s it, it looks over for me as with my daughters birthday events time for Donny had run out.

2016 033001 Spare engine inlet manifold gasket change

After receiving massive of support from my fellow race drivers and urging on from the wife I decided one more crack at it on the Friday night was necessary. Do or Die – as this meant there was no withdrawal from the race and the cost was there no matter what. Taking no risks O rings were ordered from Rimmers and a local garage to make sure some were on time (They all turned up) and a new water pump and thermostat was also acquired to be thorough.

First job was for Dad to clean up a nearly new water pipe and thermostat housing I have and fit a new thermostat while I swap the water pump out. We get it all back together and there is still a leak – removal of the inlet manifold proves the O ring has pinched at the top slightly when pushing the housing into the block. This is quickly sorted and we fit the car back up leaving the engine running. It is now 11pm and we decide to move the car back and we are aghast – there is a pool of coolant and a drip!

The inlet manifold is off again but we cant see anything wrong so we reseat the housing again fill up the block with coolant and no leak, so its on with inlet manifold again and there’s a leak! Its now 1:30am on Saturday morning and we are tired after a long week so that is it, the towel is thrown and Dad and I are very disappointed.

I shut the doors and walk away, a few days in Clacton followed by a long stag weekend in Marbella awaits I need to forget about this pile of junk for a few days….



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