So with the morning of my day off spent painting the inside, I needed to leave it to dry so I decided to spend that time at the front end getting the seam welding painted up with some Anthracite in a can and the 1.4 rear subframe and steering rack removed along with the rest of the front suspension. With a torque gun and a set of impact sockets this takes absolutely no time.

The inside of the car is now dry enough for the 160 loom to go in, although daunting if you lay it in the cockpit its easy to start hanging it in the right area starting with the o/s door loom feeding back through and the rear loom feeding that under the seat bars and pushing the fuel pump wiring through the grommet hole it all sort of falls into place. Then putting the majority of the loom back through the bulkhead starting with the left hand loom with the ‘chunky’ ECU plugs and light wiring then working next on the rear bulkhead loom that flows round the engine to the alternator and Oil pressure sensor etc.

Its then the reinstallation of the dash support frame and this allows the bolting up of the fusebox and then the pedal box. Next, in with the heater box, using the 1.4 non-aircon setup instead of the heavier 160 factory unit. Then its on with the 160 facia and in with the 160 dash and its starting to look like a car again!

Then with a stiff neck, time to move to the front and fit some of the bulkhead items i,e the coolant bottle, 160 brake servo and master cylinder then home for a long soak in the bath!


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