Plodding on…

With a Saturday and Mrs M amusing the kids for a few hours at parties, I needed to maximise the time and get some more fitting up completed. Starting with the new rear ‘front’ subframe box I purchased as they are different on a 160 and the race one was mangled – I fitted a replacement steering rack into that and got that bolted into place under the car. Then hanging the suspension in place through the top mount holes I had decided that with the o/s/f taking the impact of the crash I would replace the hub completely so it was off with the calliper, disc and unbolted from the shock absorber. Then refitted a replacement one in place, just a ABS sensor to fit as this drives the speedo in 160’s.

Next it was in the car and running the handbrake cables back in place and the handbrake unit refitted. Then the brake lines could be run through new holes in the arches in a neater way then I did  in the other car. Fitting the brake bias valve and pipe through the bulkhead to link this to the master cylinder completed the connecting up of the new rear end. The heat shielding removed underneath, I then hung the Janspeed 160 back box in place and fitted the 160 selectors and gearstick. Then the steering could be completed connecting the final lot of electrics under the dash and making sure the earths are connected.

Round the front, the charcoal filter is fitted, my race battery is fitted and the sealed ECU is installed. Again making sure the earths are bolted in place and the one in the o/s/r these are the things that bite you if forgotten. The power steering pump is hung in place and the pipes and reservoir put back in place. The front brake pipes are run so other than fluid and some pipe clips in the rear that’s the braking complete.

Starting to feel like we are getting there!


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