Build TTR002 Begins…

Ok so its been a quiet month on the blog but that’s because I have spent a lot of time working on the new car. Although the car has been to Guildford and back for Preptech to fit the cage mounts, harness mounts and seam weld there was still loads to come off the car.

Before dragging the car to the workshop I had to get the rest of the sound deadening out, then once in the unit the dash and loom has been removed giving access to the last bit of sound deadening. The boot lid has been stripped and the front suspension and beams removed.


Now it was time to get the seat bars in and the excess bracketry removed for weight reduction. The seat bars cut out from the TTR001 shell made it fun to refit and despite wanting them half an inch forward because of the width and placement from the old car they’ve had to go back in the same place. A bit of etch primer on the exposed steel and then next week we paint the floor.


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