Here we go again…

After a couple of weeks of searching for a new shell for TTR002 car which takes so much time its unbelievable. A because I am fussy and B because I am tight. While its ideal to get another factory ZR 160 for spare parts and minimal swapping of parts they are a premium as they become rarer and combined with the fact I don’t want to be paying for paintwork as well as everything else. Therefore I decided my priority is about getting the right shell with minimal blemishes and rust rather than specifically a 160.

So after wasting time on two battered 160’s and a rolling Mk2 1.4 minus a front end we trip over an advert for a 52 plate 1.4 in Ascot with the classic HGF for £150. A trip out with my son William and its seems OK so its loaded up, there are a few subtle differences from a 160 car to a 105 and these I know from the conversions that used to be popular a few years ago. The front subframes are different so I have ordered the very front beam from eBay and inspection of the rear front frame will take place when I get it off. I have a Rover 25vi 1.8 to break and that’s the same so I have one if necessary.

The drive shafts are different, and in the smash at Snetterton the O/S/F one got ripped out and so again a suitable second hand one has been sourced.

I will start a page so you can follow the build of this second race car.

purchase1 purchase5

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