The end of the car…

So finally after a couple of weeks I managed to find a few hours to take some damage out and inspect the car with a final viewing from a very good mate of mine who works for a large crash repair centre near me. Initially after removing the two headlights, radiator, o/s/f wing, o/s drive shaft, fan, bonnet and alternator it doesn’t look horrendous.

Unfortunately, with a trained eye and a little time its obvious the impact to the corner rather than head on has called time on the shell. The seam in the bulkhead behind the pedals has pushed apart, the top of the o/s/f suspension tower it pushed against the wiper motor  and the inner wing is crumpled in several different directions. A pull would help but a new inner wing etc makes it just too much effort and money for a car of this age to that’s it she’s now an ex-race car, deceased and no more.

I would lie to say I am not gutted, my first try at building an MSA spec race car that won me the championship last year and had so much of my time ploughed into it is all I can think about. But hey, that’s Motorsport and its time to look for a new shell and use the lessons learned to build a new one. Fortunately the expensive race car bits are all OK, and its time to find a shell for TTR002. One question to solve now 160 or 170…..

WP_20151021_001 WP_20151021_005

WP_20151021_002 WP_20151021_003 WP_20151021_004  WP_20151021_006 WP_20151021_007 WP_20151021_008

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