Snetterton 2015

The final race of the season turned into what could be the final race for the car now known as chassis TTR001. After coming back from Oulton Park, the car didn’t need and remedial work before Snetterton other than the usual check over. With Dad now back on board and the family coming up for the last two races of the season it was hopefully going to be a straight forward weekend especially with Snet being near to home.

Going into Snetterton the points for class D were interesting between Paul Bryson and I there were just two and with Martin Webber and Paul’s coming together at Oulton wrecking Paul’s car I know that second was achievable albeit not entirely the way one wanted to get second. John Gil was way off and challenging for the over all championship being the only other class D runner for Snetterton  with Jonathan Harker pulling out after deciding to sell his ZR 160 are concentrate on his F and MGA.

Qualifying went well, 1 second off John’s pace and given the previous two races have been so poor in terms of pace especially in Quali I was pleased. I like the circuit and can really push the car so I was looking forward to the race and hopefully being competitive.

Race 1 and there is two green flag laps, the start I hesitate for some reason and then pull away at the rear of the grid. As I enter Riches corner at around 70Mph I see cars all over the lace and Mark Bellamy in his yellow ZR 170 facing me in the middle of the bend. Nowhere to go I hit him hard in the o/s/f and punt him off into the barrier. The car is reving at 6k so I kill the power switch and climb out.

That’s it race over and with a lot of cursing I get out and the Marshall team give Mark and I the once over and fortunately we are both OK, its red flag time and Mark and I retreat to inside barrier to discuss what happened. Mark had got clipped in the fallout of a spinning Robin Walker and I got caught up in the chaos – racing incident but I can see the car is wrecked and I’m gutted if I am honest.

After a few minutes I feel some pain in my lower back so its off to the medical centre in the course ambulance for a full and thorough check over. Nothing to worry about and I am discharged into my Wife Kelly’s care who looks more worried than I am.

The Scrutineers impound the car and check my helmet etc for damage. Both Mark and my cars are pretty wrecked so we enlist some willing help from the drivers still in Scrutineering and their associated teams to load the car on the trailer. A very fed up Sunday followed and I have to wait ten days for sometime to forensically inspect the car due to other commitments. Dad already thinks its game over for the car, but I am clinging on to the hope that a jig and new front panel and beam will be all that is needed. Massive thanks go to the Marshall’s, Scrutineers and Medical Crew at Snetterton for their help and assistance.

12105850_10153616764687310_3630868896268633314_n 12112176_10153616764437310_3564491412721559052_n

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