Cracking Week

This weeks work has (fingers crossed) been a productive one. Private testing on Sunday proved that on acceleration there is a definite cough between 2500 and 3500 RPM sometimes once sometimes a few acting more like a hesitation. I try a few things like unplugging each Lambda, new leads etc but no avail so its back to the workshop for investigation in the week.

Wednesday night and the screen is replaced, its had a crack that grew throughout the 2014 season but Mallory finished it right off so a new one is fitted. Along with this I fit a new Tilton brake bias lever to replace the cheap one that let me down. Just need to bleed them this weekend.

WP_20150422_001 WP_20150422_002

With an hour or so in my pocket I decide to investigate the cough, first I change the Temp sensor for a brand new one, then I remove the Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor which is covered in oil from when I blew my old engine and give that a clean up. Next is the Throttle Position Sensor, I have ordered a whole new throttle body and sensor but I have a spare TPS so I replace that and finally disconnect the loom block where it joins the engine loom to the main loom. A blow out with the air line, soak in WD40 and then reconnect is in order.

Remembering to reset the TPS by pressing the throttle peddle 5 times with the ignition on then turn off and fire up. The car rough runs then settles down – time for a test drive.

A complete three runs up and down the road and its nicely accelerating through to 5k with no hiccups. Hopefully that’s it, another final test this weekend will prove.

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