No Pressure…

The investigation started and it doesn’t take long to find the first suspect. While jacking the car up to swap the tyres to my moving around set I decided to warm the car up. The car ticking over I jack the car up – as it gets to full height on the jack it stalls and wont start. Drop it down it starts, then jack up and rev it and it stalls again. I then jack the Express up and no problems so the first tackle is why is it stalling up hill.

WP_20150401_001 WP_20150401_002

I take the tank out and there is fuel in the tank, not loads and I did put in a pump last year but I broke the sender when fitting it, so I find a bloke breaking a 53 plate 160 and get the tank and sender all in shipped while I take the kids to France for the week.

Fitted the new tank and 15 litres of motion lotion and despite a blown fuse the car starts and runs fine. I jack it up again and it does not cough or stall. Dan from CMC is getting me a race catalytic converter but I can’t fit it before Brands so I am going to do some local testing this weekend to make sure the tank and pump swap has solved the problem.

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