Update after a few weeks…

Sorry for the lack of updates but lapping in valves is a boring enough job when doing it but pictures and talking about it would be even more so. Thank god BL didn’t decide to make the K Series a 24 valve that’s all I can say!

Anyway the head has been skimmed and the valves are re-lapped in, the head is all back together and back on the car with a new ‘original style’ with uprated silicon bead head gasket in place and lashings of my favourite recipe -Well Seal applied too!

The car is all fitted up and started on the button, rev’s fine through to the 8k rev limiter so the timing is OK and we are ready for the next job.

I have ordered some brake line, T piece connectors and a brake bias valve  so this week the original ABS unit, and brake pipes come off…

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