Class D Winner 2014

After a long Saturday at Snetterton I am convinced that I did enough to win the Class D Championship for the year, I know the second day of racing including the relay is going on so I am not going to be sure for a day or two but with the last points table in hand it looks like I have it by 2 points on Ian.

So being quietly confident but until I hear for certain from Pete Macwaters I ban the wife from mentioning it, gets to Tuesday and Peter confirms that I am correct – Class D Winner which is great as I didn’t win a race but in terms of its a marathon not a sprint I guess and all that effort nursing the car home at Silverstone, Donington and Race 2 in Oulton Park come to fruition.

Congratulations to Chris Bray as Class B winner and Class C winner Fergus Campbell.

Time to catch-up on some DIY and other cars that have all been left to fall apart as racing took over the past 6 months!

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