Heart Transplant

As I mentioned earlier in the Donington write up I really overheated on the last lap and purchased a 41k 2005 ZR engine from a breaker. After the final laps at Oulton Park were causing the car to miss like anything I decided the 4 week gap to Snetterton would be enough time for me to swap the engines.

Because of my commitments to things like work and the wife and kids – workshop time is limited. I know I can get an engine out in 2 hours but swapping things over with the new engine and then refitting would be another two evenings work.

The engine comes out relatively easily, especially as most of its been undone before. The engine is coated in oil which makes the whole job mucky but its out and on the deck in a couple of hours.

WP_20140910_003 WP_20140910_005

I then take another eventing to get the clutch and other bits and pieces swapped over, then with some assistance its hung back in the hole and connected back to the gearbox. A few spare hours on Saturday afternoon allowed me to go up and fit everything bar the metal coolant pipe, thermostat and inlet manifold on as I need two replacement thermostat O rings from Rimmer Bros before they can go on tomorrow night.

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