The Simpliest of Things

Managed to get a good 8 hours on the car this weekend trying to improve the performance of the car. New VVC Mech’s and inlet cams installed and the timing reset up. Took a while as I initially decided to use the cam ladder the replacement mechs etc was on, then after fitting and tightening the engine would not turn by hand. The ladder pinched against the head so I had to take the lot apart and use the original cam ladder, which is not surprising as they run the cam path through on the head at the factory.

On the test run the car felt good and less rattily but I cant go far as its not road legal and the farm I use is not massive. Back in the workshop I rev out the car and it will not go above 5.5k RPM which is like its been all season 6k at a push then 5.5k and I am a little annoyed that there is still an issue. I have changed the VVC mech’s and control rod so I swap the oil sensor of the control unit and the cam sensor off the T Car, but no change.WP_20140725_002 WP_20140725_001

 In touch with Dave Andrews of DVA power as I am running out of options and need a Guru’s perspective, he agrees with the symptoms being similar to VVC issue but says there should be codes stored in the ECU is restricting the revs. There are no codes stored, I then swap the VVC control unit and still no change, then my mechanic friend turns up to say hello. He then recommends swapping the throttle body, then while looking at the throttle bode sees the cable is not fitted properly. We refit the cable properly, an area of the car I have never touched so its probably been like that  since I bought it and it revs as it should right through 7k -Happy Days. New cable required due to fraying etc where is been fitted incorrectly but the relief at actually finding the fault is great!

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