SilverStone Package

So based on the experience of Brands I need to find some pace on the other 160’s. Money is going to be the inhibiter here but there is a plan to get the car more competitive as the season progresses. Remember, I hadn’t seen a 160 car until Brands or driven mine so it was a great benchmark opportunity.

The plan before Silverstone:

  • Rebuild the head to make sure I am not losing valuable compression and make sure the VVC timing is correct. Uprate the oil rail, stretch bolts at the same time.
  • Locate the pesky coolant leak and remedy it.
  • Clarify what the Scrutineers want to do about the suspension, then if necessary put it back up.
  • Add some lightness as Colin Chapman would say.
  • Put on the side decals.

I would like to tackle the exhaust too but this will depend on funds and time.




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